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In Australia there are millions of credit files containing negative listings, which create hardship for individuals and families. The outcome of a bad credit file can affect you in many ways.

Once a creditor places a negative listing on your file, you are put into a category called credit impaired, which unfortunately leaves you financially handicapped and with limited options. These vary from not being able to put a home phone or mobile on in your name, to getting credit cards, home loans, car finance, business loans, personal loans or any form of credit through major banks.

The listings stay on your credit history until the term is up, see below. Paying them does not remove them, however, only updates them as paid.

What information is held on a credit file and for how long?

  • External Administrations: 10 years
  • Previous Directorships: 10 years
  • Bankruptcy, Part 9 Debt Agreements: 7 years
  • Serious Credit Infringement: 7 years
  • Credit Enquiry, Payment Default: 5 years
  • Court Judgement: 5 years
  • Summons, Court writ: 4 years
Our Mission

Our Mission

We can help you remove:

  • Defaults
  • Court Judgement
  • Clearouts
  • Busy Credit File

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Our Values.

At Key Credit Repair, opportunities to shine happen daily. We value integrity, passion, excellence, transparency and accountability. We voice our thoughts and approach with customer-first mentality.

Company Quality

Our Company Quality

Key Credit Repair in Sydney is in the business of assisting to improve credit ratings and helping people get out of debt. Our aim is to understand your situation completely, before offering appropriate options to help you take control.


Professional level of services

We are an Australian owned company providing confidential, impartial, judgement-free consultations and advice on how to best consolidate debt. We facilitate debt settlements and negotiation, granting each client the freedom, control and peace of mind that manageable debt repayments afford. We offer Bad Credit Repair, Mortgage Stress Relief and Financial Loans.


Why Key Credit Repair?

Key Credit Repair has relationships with Australia’s largest financial institutions to bring you the most competitive debt reduction strategies. Since it’s establishment, Key Credit Repair has assisted many Australians reduce their debt. Call us or fill in our contact form and we will assist you in understanding the options available to you.


Key Credit Repair notes the availability of free alternatives, including the National Debt Helpline, the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman and the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA).

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