What is a credit report?

A credit report contains information about your history and who you are in relation to your financial behaviour. If you’ve ever applied for credit or a loan it is likely you will have credit information held by a credit reporting body. In many cases the credit report is the basis of evaluating your credit rating or determining your credit worthiness and is compiled over a period of time.

What information is included on my credit report?

Your credit report contains information about your history with credit. There are different sections to your credit report including Identification information, Consumer Credit Information and Commercial Credit Information. You will also know who has accessed your credit report such as credit providers, affected information recipients, access seekers and credit reporting bodies.

How can we assist you in removing these listings from your credit report?

Key Credit Repair identifies why the listings on a credit file should not be on the report and prepare a case for you. We will then contact all credit providers and reporting agencies and negotiate for your listings to be removed based on your legal rights.

What is an Authorised Access Seeker?

An Authorised Access Seeker is an individual in relation to their own credit reporting information, or a person (including a company) who is assisting an individual to deal with a credit reporting body or credit provider and acting on a written authority from the individual.

What is a credit Judgement?

A creditor has taken legal action against you because they claim you owe them money. The Courts have now ordered that you owe them money. This is called a Judgement Debt and is payable immediately. In this instance you can repay the debt and employ our services to get the judgment removed from the court records and credit files or seek our expert help about your options which include defending the claim.

How good is Key Credit Repair at this?

Key Credit Repair has been repairing credit history and helping our clients through some of the most stressful financial circumstances for years. Our experience comes from an exclusive operating model that focuses on Context, Personalisation, Speed, Quality and Delivery.

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